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reiki_peqAlthough there are clear differences between the time when Reiki began and our current time, both times have something in common and this is the need for healing and company in each and every one of us. When we talk about healing we not only mean physical, but emotional healing – the latter probably being the most important one.

One of the first things you learn in Reiki is that any physical pain is usually a reflection of an emotional problem. This is why it is vital that a therapist is not just a simple vehicle of energy, but someone who is prepared to understand, listen and react consequently. Even though anyone can become a Reiki therapist, it is necessary to have full responsibility on the matter and one needs to keep learning, training and nurturing their knowledge on the subject. It is not about snapping your fingers and becoming a healer or a guru who is able to perform miracles. Reiki has techniques and protocols that must be followed and used sensibly. Our professionals at The Order of Ayala, including several masters of Tibetan and Japanese Reiki Usui, are fully qualified to help you responsibly. .

When we use the universal healing energy or Reiki we must do it in true faith, awareness and consideration towards ourselves and others. This way we will reach what we are looking for and we will help ourselves and others. We must keep in mind that during a Reiki session, the patient is healing at the same time as the therapist, which creates a link between them and the universe. Any positive thing that we give away and is projected outwards, any shape of goodwill, as small as it may be, is so necessary and wonderful that will provoke amazing sensations both in us and others. These great feelings will help us and others in their life paths. .

Reiki is a high frequency power with pure healing purposes. All beings can benefit from it – people, animals, plants, and even places.

Our body tends to seek for its own methods to find its balance and sometimes it gives us signals we overlook, but when these signals are taken into consideration, Reiki can be a fantastic way to begin a process of healing and balance.

Reiki has no negative side effects, we can use it whenever we want and with all kinds of people with chronic or mild diseases, as well as with persons exclusively seeking emotional healing. Elderly, children, pregnant women, adults of all ages… anyone is a good candidate for a therapeutic session without any contraindication.

The World Health Organization recognizes Reiki as a complementary therapy to any medical treatment that will help you find relief, relaxation and slow healing during an illness. This is without abandonment of any medical treatment indicated by professionals. One must never leave the conventional medical treatment for a complementary therapy, though it is important to know that Reiki has a current presence in many hospitals and medical centers in Spain and the world.

Reiki is also useful as a shield to find inner balance, for it helps us overcome the obstacles of negative energy when we feel that other people are hurting us or when they create a negative energy state, which we can feel in places where there are sick people or places that emanate negative energy for whatever reason. If we spend too much time in these places (each person has their own pace), we can be magnetized by this negativity until our own energy gets intoxicated by that energy making us feel bad. This is an inevitable fact, since we constantly have to live and share. All energies around us influence us, to some more than others. This may show through stomachaches, dizziness, feeling of discomfort or exhausting, heavy feelings in different parts of your body, headaches… These are just some of the symptoms of energetic intoxication. Some people control the way they capture positive energy consciously, others do it unconsciously, desperately looking for healing they can find in others. .

Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, and it tends to seek balance, which you can contribute through Reiki.

We welcome you in at The Order of Ayala. We will be waiting for you.


Reiki session of 50 minutes: 40 €.

For longer treatments contact:

Telephones: 915776145 – 914457443

Premium Phone: 806405626

Cell phone and WhatsApp: 691491694

Email: laordendeayala@hotmail.com

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