TAROT MUSEUM - La Orden de Ayala
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museo-de-tarotHave you ever thought about how many kinds of decks, books and objects related to Tarot there are?

Always linked to the world of divination, Tarot has always aroused the curiosity of many people from very different backgrounds. Both ordinary and relevant people have felt attracted in different ways to these decks.

The Order of Ayala not only owns more than 600 reference books related to Tarot and oracles in store, but also contains within its doors an exhibition with more than 2000 decks, objects and books related to Tarot. They are now all available and on display for anyone interested in watching them.

Among other curiosities, you will find all sorts of Tarot decks, from the most ancient ones to the most modern, rare ones, out of print, illustrated by great artists, children ones, fantasy ones, and all kinds of different themed decks.

You can come and get to see this wonderful collection in our store on Calle Hermosilla 95, in Madrid.

This exhibit is a real treat for all Tarot lovers, as well as those who love occult sciences or even art. It will fill them with satisfaction and it will help them understand this “book of life” expressed in arcana and subtly interpreted by artists and occultists from different ages and social status.

You can check out our online exhibition or come visit it during the established schedules.

Our doors are open for those interested in learning more. We cannot wait to have you.

You can see a small preview here.

Our Stores


C/ Fulgencio de Miguel, Nº 5 (Junto a Metro Estrecho)

91 450 18 24 / 600 796 447


C/ Ortega y Gasset, Nº 61 (Junto a Metro Lista)

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C/ Bravo Murillo, Nº 21 (Junto a Metro Quevedo o Canal)

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C/ Hermosilla, Nº 95 (Junto a Metro Goya)

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C/ Carboneros, Nº 19

926 50 24 25 / 615 092 976