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SPIRITISM or mediumship

esperitismo_peqSpiritism is the technique by which contact with the dead is established, (by dead, we mean the soul without a physical body, as any human being is composed of the physical body that dresses our soul, the perispirit that links our physical body to our soul and the spirit or soul itself).

There are different ways to establish contact with the dead. Master Ayala and part of her team are natural medium and usually invoke spirits and get in touch with the invisible world. They attend spiritism meetings and often try to increase and develop their mediumship, so they are able to adapt their technique for the first contact to the client’s needs.

At some point in our lives we can all intuit, feel or see these energies, which don’t have a physical vehicle but exist in the shape of energy, since even if our physical life may come to an end, our energy remains. The best way to deal with these energies is through an experienced medium, who will act as an intermediary between the souls with a physical body and those who lack it, through a safe and reliable contact.

Victoria Ayala has an innate gift for this, as well as the necessary moral balance to take care of that gift. By having her channel constantly open, both to hear and see those spirits, she can do so without intermediaries, but some people find it hard to do it without some kind of vehicle, that is why other techniques such as automatic writing or the Ouija board sometimes are used.
Automatic writing consists of getting in touch with one or several spirits through a seance, where the spirit enters the medium, or through telepathic transmission. Ayala will write on paper what she hears or feels and it is the spirit, through Ayala, who conveys the message, sometimes with interesting facts as signing the paper with their own signature from when they were alive, or giving specific data that only the spirit and the person who knew them in life would know.
The Ouija board contains numbers and letters. It is used with previous preparations where the dead are evoked with the person or people that want to establish contact around the board. The spirits that may be present after being summoned will then move the pointer towards those letters and numbers to send their message.  

It is important to know that if this type of method is not directed by a medium, it can cause a lot of problems. The spirits that may show up may not always be the ones that are summoned, so if there is no medium in the room, any spirit may come and cause serious problems.

Keep in mind that Victoria Ayala is one of the most popular psychics in the world and has extensive experience with the dead and other afterlife entities, as well as a great and profound knowledge in mediumship, so establishing contact through this method will always be carried out in an honest and safe way if she sees it feasible. The Order of Ayala also has other professionals who can help you on this regard.


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