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There are many types of Yoga, but Kundalini Yoga is extremely powerful. As well as being very physical, it also helps develop concentration and the power it brings when strengthening our will and meditation skills.

The benefits that Kundalini Yoga brings are physical, mental and spiritual, since its purpose is to align these three planes so they are in harmony.

This ancient discipline is carried out in harmonious spaces and dressed in white, since teachers are aware of the fact that white expands our aura about 10 centimeters. This also means we will be in harmony with Kundalini’s white energy.

The duration of the classes are usually between an hour and an hour and a quarter, depending on the practice, as some show such powerful results that not even a master should prolong them.

Two sessions a week are recommended. Benefits will be noticed after each class, however, as Yogi Bhajan claims, it takes forty days to get rid of negative habits or resilience, and another forty more days to establish good habits. Hence the need to practice it often.

Check Rates and class schedules on these contacts:

Phone: 914335324

Cell phone and WhatsApp: 625496917

Email: laordendeayala@hotmail.com

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