ESOTERIC SCHOOL - La Orden de Ayala
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Our esoteric and alternative therapies school was born for two reasons. The first being the huge demand coming from the many people who have approached us for the past 12 years that our stores have been open with the intention to obtain serious and professional knowledge about the different matters we deal with in our establishments.

The second reason is that, for all these years, we have also taught and prepared students that were already coming to our stores to learn.

It is now that The Order of Ayala wants to offer these knowledge, in a simpler and more approachable way, to those who would like to receive them in a school that’s entirely dedicated to lessons, workshops, master classes, courses, etc. All these classes will not only be taught at our centers, but also through a virtual campus, which will be accessible from this website. We also have open days at some of the centers where we introduce books or show exhibits amongst other activities. Our centers are open spaces that will show us knowledge and masters from all over the world.

The Order of Ayala is a space for learning new disciplines, forms of worship, therapies, and such, that will benefit our students, as well as a way to collaborate with the best masters around the globe.

The school phone number is: 0034 918320023- 0034 625496917

This portal is open to all of those who want to learn and also teach.

These are only some of the lessons we usually teach, but we will keep you posted on new courses, workshops, etc. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Our Stores


C/ Fulgencio de Miguel, Nº 5 (Junto a Metro Estrecho)

91 450 18 24 / 600 796 447


C/ Ortega y Gasset, Nº 61 (Junto a Metro Lista)

91 832 00 23 / 600 796 447


C/ Bravo Murillo, Nº 21 (Junto a Metro Quevedo o Canal)

91 445 74 43 / 600 796 447


C/ Hermosilla, Nº 95 (Junto a Metro Goya)

91 577 61 45 / 691 491 694


C/ Carboneros, Nº 19

926 50 24 25 / 615 092 976