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By using a pendulum we can channel energies in a person, object, place, etc. Our mind works with this technique making us upen up to knowledge we might not know about.

Consciousness and unconsciousness work together before a pendulum that may be made of metal, wood, stone, etc. depending on the case. The decision depends on the experts of the Order of Ayala who have been studying this technique for ages.

Our professionals in Dowsing work resting their elbow on the table trying to hold the pendulum with the least pressure as possible. They place the pendulum over the consultant’s hand or over a particular diagram using the help of another witness, pictures, the person’s data, date of birth, etc. With a relaxed attitude and staring over the pendulum, letting it swing gently, questioners get to ask questions that concern them to get their answers. The question might be answered in the shape of images that come to the professional’s mind or with affirmative or negative answers. Often, by using diagrams we will get to the correct answer more easily.

One of our professionals in the Order of Ayala, for instance, uses a method that was inherited from generation to generation by his family members. He places the pendulum over a religious stamp and asks for permission. Once his permission has been granted with three affirmative answers, he proceeds with the consultation, which he sometimes combines with Tarot and gives excellent results.


It is determined according to the number of questions asked by the consultant.

1 question: 20 €.

4 questions: 30 €

Full consultation with the pendulum: 60 €

Phone: 91 433 53 24 – 915776145

Cell phone and WhatsApp: 625496917



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