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dmc_peqWhen starting DMC therapy, we need to be fully conscious and in a state of maximum relaxation or clinical hypnosis. The therapist will guide the patient during the process in order to connect with their consciousness.

Fetal life is closely related to the experiences of past lives. When human beings are conceived into this world, they bring certain elements such as knowledge, emotions, abilities, desires, fears and guilt, as well as purposes to achieve and learned lessons. During pregnancy, the soul is not fully embodied and is able to enter and leave the body. At the time of birth, all these memories from the past are closed, including all past lives, intra-uterine life and birth itself. We could say it is our first contact with the law of oblivion in action so we can start from scratch. Our moment of birth leaves a mark burned into our soul, as with a hot iron. When the mother touches the baby for the first time, their souls begin to recognize each other.

In order to begin the therapy, first we need to focus on bringing back that instant of conception, which is central to the mission of our soul, the here, the now, what compels us and what life lesson we need to learn. It is the first contact with our soul and our body.

The therapist leads the patient to a state of relaxation and hypnosis, which allows the patient to see, revive and retrieve information through questions like “where are you? Who is with you? What brought you to the family you’ve chosen? What’s your goal to achieve in this present life?” Here is where we begin the path to healing or learning about our mission in our current life.

The images, sensations and emotions that occur during the therapy are not produced by the patient, they are memories and experiences that need to be clarified or known in order to keep moving forward. Once the original experience is located and identified, it must be experienced again in order to release the trapped emotional energy that is conditioning the present. When that original experience is consciously relived in the present, the emotion will leave the physical body, which works as a drain so the soul can purify, cleanse and release trapped energies.

The patient then is directed to the entry point, the source of the problem, the time when a traumatic event happened. An important part of therapy is to identify the mandates, promises, pacts, oaths, etc. and deactivate them, as these constraints from past lives are the ones that determine the here and now.

Any traumatic experience has its culmination point, this is the most terrible moment of the event. We need to get to that point because that is where all the behaviors, beliefs and cause of our pain and sickness of our present life originate.

In DMC therapies a large percentage of correlation between birthmarks, serious injury or tragic deaths linked to past lives have been found.

By looking into our past life, we overcome our pain and we realize who we are, where we come from and why we are here.

Once we take the past-life therapy, we take our life program back, we rediscover our mission in life.

In The Order of Ayala, our therapist can lead your soul so it can leave your body and you can connect with a superior force, which will guide you and help you find the answers to your questions.

This therapy helps us find the source of our mental blocks, traumas, phobias, etc. It leads us to the essence of what we are and allows us to understand the mission that we are destined to perform.

DMC therapies are carried out in several sessions of about an hour, although times varies depending on the patient and their way of reliving traumatic experiences.

Since a lot of information and solutions are offered, it is advisable to take these sessions for seven months at the beginning and then repeat as needed by the patient.


Therapeutic consultation is 1 hour: 80 €

Phone: 915776145

Cell phone and WhatsApp: 625496917


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