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flores bach_peqIn 1930 the prestigious English researcher Edward his scents made of flowers, designed to help and balance personal features and specific emotional states such as anxiety, stress, fear, lack of self control, phobias, complexes, lack of confidence, etc.

The research developed by Edward Bach shows in depth the functionality of flowers for every emotional state and how to use them and mix them to deal with specific problems.

Before making the right floral blend, we will have a talk with the patient and have them take a test to figure out what the the problem is and which is the best way to treat it. This test will be used as a record for previous assessment of benefits and evolution, since every mix is personalized.

Each of the 38 original Bach Flower mixtures are carefully made with a selection of flowers, plants, wild trees, spring water, etc. following Eward Bach’s original guidelines. In The Order of Ayala we use the legal brand with the sanitary guarantee which Edward Bach trusted in to expand his knowledge around the world.



First date, test to analyze the problem and Bach Flower masterbatch: 40 €

Next Bach Flower masterbatches with the same recipe: 25 €

Phone: 915776145

Cell phone and WhatsApp: 625496917


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